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Silverlink Clinics are dedicated to providing Alevere Weight Loss Therapy right in the heart of Northern England.

Silverlink Clinics opened its doors in August of 2011 and has already helped thousands of people to achieve their weight loss goals and maintain their new lifestyle.

The clinic was founded by Chris Matthews after his own amazing experiences and success with the Alevere Programme.

In 2009, our Founder & CEO, Chris Matthews, decided to change his life. He had battled with his weight for years, sometimes achieving success but always regaining the weight he had tried so hard to lose.

In early 2009 he was ready to go ahead with the serious prospect of gastric band surgery. However, while fitting out a new clinic in Cheshire he learned about the Alevere Programme.

In June, he began his program and twenty weeks later he had lost 7 stone. The fast weight loss, the care and attention he received and the lifestyle changes he experienced inspired him to bring Alevere Therapy to Newcastle. He sought out experts in Alevere Therapy, and professionals so that people in Newcastle and across the North of England could benefit from Alevere Therapy in the same way that he had.

Chris was so inspired by his own success with AlevereTherapy he worked with the Alevere team in Leeds and opened the first clinic of his own in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Alevere Therapy that Silverlink Clinics provides is a simple, life changing approach to long term sustainable weight loss. The therapy combines ultrasound, a non-surgical skin tightening and body shaping treatment with a comprehensive nutritional programme.

All of these activities are carried out under the close supervision by our team. Our experienced team has been carefully trained in Alevere Therapy so that you can lose weight fast and safe.

Arguably, the most important step of Alevere Therapy is this stabilisation and maintenance treatment. We will have achieved nothing if you regain weight in the future.

Once your weight has been carefully stabilised at its new and healthy level, with the assistance of accurate measurements of your metabolic rate and monthly follow-up after care, we will guide you through long term maintenance with detailed and accurate nutritional advice which is precisely calculated for your own metabolism.

We firmly believe that Alevere Therapy is the best weight loss plan for many people to reach their goals. Our aim is to help our patients lose weight fast while remaining healthy and developing the skills they need to maintain their new weight and continue to be successful with their weight loss program.

That’s why we offer a free Lifetime Maintenance Programme. We want you to do more than just lose weight now, we want you to continue on in a happier, healthier body. After all, our past patients are our best advertisements.

There are now four clinics in the Silverlink Clinics chain all of which are helping Chris achieve his ambition to help people just like him who had given up all hope of losing weight. Chris is passionate about Alevere Therapy and his favourite pastime is sitting in reception chatting to patients and hearing about how Alevere Therapy is transforming their lives.

Your journey to the new you starts at one of our clinics in Newcastle, Stockton, Berwick or Carlsile.

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