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Silverlink Clinics are private clinics dedicated to helping people lose weight.
We provide non-surgical Alevere Therapy which delivers fast, safe and effective weight loss together with skin tightening and body shaping.
Alevere Therapy is delivered under the close supervision of our doctor led medical team.  
We help in excess of 1,000 people each week lose weight through the network of independent Alevere Therapy clinics across the UK.  
We use the latest technology to help you accelerate your weight loss for amazing results.
Alevere Therapy works safely to eliminate hunger and avoid you waiting months to reach your target weight. 
Alevere Nutritional Treatment
Food is plentiful with Alevere Therapy. You will follow our precisely designed Alevere Nutrition Plan which contains a variety of vegetables and fruits, many of which can be eaten in unlimited quantities. The plan is simple and you will be able to quickly and easily prepare many delicious dishes. The programme is great for busy people as many recipes can be prepared in advance making it easy for you to integrate The Alevere Therapy Nutrition Plan into your routine. These foods are supplemented with a regular intake of natural, purified proteins and amino acids to ensure that every patient’s daily protein intake remains optimal throughout their weight loss.
Alevere Ultrasound Treatment
The second element is Alevere Therapy Ultrasound Treatment. An integral part of your Alevere Therapy, we use the latest medically certified technology to break down the dietary resistant areas of fat under the skin and optimise your body’s contours and shape also improving the elasticity, firmness and tightness of your skin.These treatments use a modern highly effective ultrasound technology, specifically manufactured and produced for the reduction of fat deposits under the skin in both overweight and normal weight people. These ultrasound devices are certified as medical devices and their manufacturer has published many scientific studies, which support their effectiveness in the reduction of fat stores under the skin. Once the fat has been mobilised by the ultrasound treatment it is then re-metabolised by the body and used as energy, any waste is flushed out naturally through the body’s waste process.
Alevere Skin Tightening Treatment
The third element is Alevere Therapy Skin Tightening Treatment which takes place immediately after the ultrasound treatment. This treatment increases collagen and elastin production which tightens the skin as you lose weight. The aim being that at the end of the programme you are left with little or no loose skin. Skin tightening results are dependent on a number of factors, including age and the amount of weight loss. Many of our larger patients have found there to be no need for corrective skin surgery often associated with larger weight losses.
Alevere Lifetime Maintenance Plan
The final, and we think the most important element, is our no cost ‘Lifetime Maintenance Plan’. The plan provides regular appointments with the team at the clinic on an on-going basis for advice and support once you have achieved your weight loss target.

Patient Stories...

Andrew's Story...

Having reached a point in my life where Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Sleep Apnoea had begun to take their toll on my body & daily living, I knew that I had to do something about it or I would continue to decline.

I am no longer being medicated for hypertension and will shortly have the diagnosis of Sleep Apnoea  removed from my list of medical conditions.  The health benefits of the diet have been both massive and tangible, and have altered the course of my life.

Alevere has taught me things about myself, my determination, and my desire to start living again rather than existing I have also completely revised my relationship with food.  I now understand nutrition and how to correctly fuel the body.  These are lessons that I will carry with me now as I look to the future as a significantly smaller man.

In the year ahead I am planning to use my new-found energy to become fitter and healthier.  My goal is to participate in a 10K run later on in the year.  All of this would have been beyond my wildest dreams this time last year.

Jerry's Story...

Before I started with the Alevere Programme I was at a low ebb in my life; no self-esteem, no confidence, my health wasn't at its best. 

My top drawer was full of tablets etc, and I was well over weight. I'm a bus driver by profession, and one day last year I saw an Alevere advert on the back of a bus, so I thought i’d buck up my courage and give the Alevere programme a go. 

I found it quite difficult initially, but the help and encouragement from the Alevere staff geared me on, kept me steadfast and assisted me on reaching my goal weight of 16 stone, losing four stone in all. I thought it was a bit on the expensive side, but I soon realised that wealth doesn't outweigh health. 

I was taken off my blood pressure tablets after six weeks on the programme, my health, self-esteem and confidence has risen 100% and all thanks to the Alevere team.

Dena's Story...

“When I started the Alevere programme my health was suffering (I am a chronic asthmatic) and although I had tried numerous weight loss programmes none were successful, mainly due to very slow weight loss and inadequate support.

My health has greatly improved and my GP is slowing reducing my blood pressure tablets and I know the Respiratory Team at the Hospital will be delighted with my weight loss when I see them in December.

When I look at myself in the mirror I cannot believe its me!!!   I now love shopping for clothes as I am not restricted to certain shops.

Doing the Alevere Weight Loss Programme is the best thing I have ever done and I would encourage anybody to do the same if they have a weight problem”.

Amanda's Story...

had tried lots of different diets over the years desperate to loose weight but my will Power was poor. I had seen and heard the advertisements for the Alevere clinic, and decided I was going to give it a try, I knew all the success stories had to be true.

All the staff at the clinic where very caring and professional, the diet was easy to follow and I was never hungry.

As the weight came off I could not believe how good I felt and how different I looked, I loved it.

I lost 5 1/2 stone in 32 weeks and I feel amazing. My diet is so much healthier now thanks to Alevere, I feel like a teenager again as I'm the same weight I was back then.


Frequently Asked Questions
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Located in Newcastle, Carlisle, Berwick  and Stockton, Silverlink Clinics are modern, spacious, private clinics dedicated to providing Alevere Weight Loss Therapy right in the heart of Northern England.
We provide the highest possible level of medically led professional care and personal service in the delivery of Alevere Therapy. We are licensed to use Alevere Therapy in all our clinics by Alevere UK Limited.
Over the past five years we have helped over a thousand patients take control of their nutrition and achieve their weight loss targets in a faster and safer way then many of them thought possible. We are confident, no matter what your current weight is, that we can help you too. Click the button below and schedule a call to see how we can help you…