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How much will the weight loss treatment cost?


What kind of results can I expect from the weight loss treatment?


Are the treatments medically supervised?


Will I just regain the weight once the treatment finishes?


Will I be constantly hungry?


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What qualifications do your doctors have?


What medical studies prove your work?


What is Alevere Therapy?


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Is my medical suitability regularly monitored?


What success has the treatment had?


How long will the treatment take?


How long will the consultation take?


How do I know if weight loss treatment is for me?


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Can you treat someone with type 1 diabetes?


Can you treat diabetic patients?


Are the supplements natural?

What is Alevere Therapy?
Alevere Therapy at Silverlink Clinics is a non-surgical weight loss treatment used to treat over 1000 patients a week at a network of over thirty clinics across the UK. We know from experience that a typical female patient with 3 stones to lose would take an average of 12 to 15 weeks to lose this amount of weight. A typical male patient with 3 stones to lose would take an average of between 9 and 12 weeks to lose a similar amount of weight.

Is the Alevere Therapy medically supervised?
Yes. Alevere therapy is supervised by qualified medical doctors all of whom are also General Practitioners working in NHS practices.

Will it work for me?
Many of our patients have attempted many other weight loss regimes in the past and had almost given up hope of finding a long-term solution. We have the expertise to help you succeed and the confidence to know you will lose weight while being expertly cared for by our medical team.

How much is it?
The weekly cost of the therapy is all inclusive, we provide;
• All medical supervision; including regular medical monitoring, medical reviews and blood tests.
• All Nutrition required for the phase of the programme you are on.**
• Weekly Ultrasound treatment.
• Weekly Skin Tightening treatment.
• All nutritional supplements; five in total, designed to maintain essential vitamins and minerals at their optimum levels throughout your treatment.
• Advice and support from our trained therapists to ensure your success.
• On-going access to the ‘Silverlink Clinic Lifetime Maintenance Plan’ following treatment.
Alevere Therapy at Silverlink Clinics is paid for on a weekly basis. A course of four treatments can be purchased at a discounted rate. When you speak to one of our Weight Loss Consultants they will be able to provide a clear idea of the cost for your individual treatment.  You will then continue to attend the clinic for a further 4 weeks. This is for the stabilisation stages of Alevere Therapy at Silverlink Clinics.

Do you offer finance? 
Yes. We can offer competitive low rate finance packages, subject to status.

How can your maintenance plan be free? 
It would be fair to ask ‘how and why would you want to provide this support, surely it costs you money and you are not charging anything for it?’. The answer is surprisingly simple. Over 62% of our patients come to us following a recommendation by a friend, relative or acquaintance who used our weight loss therapy to reach their target weight. Our former patients are our best advert, nothing compares to them when it comes to helping us find people we can help. In short, if our patients put weight back on they stop recommending us to their friends. We want you to succeed in reaching your target weight and maintain it over the long term.​

Is this just a soups and shakes meal replacement programme? 
No. It is important to understand that this is not a NO carbohydrate programme, it is a LOW carbohydrate programme. You will learn to combine Alevere Therapy Nutrition with a variety of salads and vegetables and gradually over the eight stages of the Alevere Nutrition Plan we will re-introduce conventional foods into your eating regime as we help you to stabilise your weight and maintain your weight loss.

How will I keep the weight off? 
Following the completion of Alevere Therapy at Silverlink Clinics you will begin the unique Alevere Therapy at Silverlink Clinics Lifetime Maintenance Plan. The plan builds on your weight loss success by providing a framework for you to continue the development of your new healthy lifestyle.

I have diabetes – Can I still have Alevere Therapy? 
Yes. It is possible to treat patients with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. In fact it is a common condition in many of our patients before they begin the programme. Our doctors regularly work with diabetic patients, in conjunction with the patient’s own diabetic nurse, to ensure healthy and balanced blood sugar levels during the programme. Most patients with type 2 diabetes (tablet controlled) will find their blood sugar returns to normal by the end of their Alevere Therapy and there is no longer any need for medication to control their blood sugar levels.

Does it help other medical problems? 
Yes. Reducing obesity will help many medical conditions including blood pressure, high cholesterol and arthritis.

Will I feel hungry? 
From week 2 onwards patients do not feel hungry. This is because the nutrition provides a steady blood sugar level and avoids the ups and downs and hunger pangs of all other diets. In spite of the lower calorie intake patients feel alert, have good concentration and do not feel tired or sluggish in the afternoon.

How successful is this treatment?
This treatment is extremely successful and over 90% of all patients that we treat reach their target weight. We have treated many doctors, dentists, nurses and other health professionals in our clinics as well as people from all walks of life.

Why is it not available in more places?
Alevere Therapy is a highly specialised weight loss programme using the very latest medical equipment. All Alevere Therapy Clinics are required to meet the highest standards and commit to extensive training and regular inspection and assessment. Only doctors trained in the use of Alevere Therapy are able to offer the treatment. This ensures that patients are treated safely, efficiently and effectively.​​​​​​