Our Unique Alevere Weight Loss Process

1 – Medical Suitability Questionnaire

It all starts with your medical suitability questionnaire which gives the medical team a starting point to analyse your current situation. It also provides us with the facts that we need to ask you the right questions pertinent to your current health and weight.

The information that you provide is confidential and is important for us to be able to provide the best medical advice during your consultation with one of our team of doctors.

2 – Pre-Therapy Assessment

To start Alevere Therapy at Silverlink Clinics and begin your transformation you will have a ‘PreTherapy Assessment’ with one of our medical team, this lasts around 30 minutes. At this ‘Pre-Therapy Assessment’ we will accurately measure your height, weight, blood pressure, ‘Resting Metabolic Rate’ and carry out a computerised ‘Body Composition Analysis’ using the very latest equipment.

A blood sample will be obtained; this is to allow a detailed analysis of your haematology, biochemistry (including cholesterol levels) and endocrinology (including thyroid function). You will have full access to all these results for your reference if you require.

3 – Medical Consultation

Following your ‘Pre-Therapy Assessment’ you will have a consultation with one of our doctors, this lasts around 30 minutes. At this consultation the doctor will assess the information obtained at your ‘Pre-Therapy Assessment’ and review your medical history along with the results of your blood tests. The doctor will discuss with you your weight loss goal, a target will be set and your treatment plan will be prescribed.

4 – Weekly Treatment

You will attend the clinic once each week for about an hour. During your appointment you will have two treatments which are an ultrasound and a skin tightening treatment. Each week when attending your treatment you will be able to select food from a range of nutrition. You will be guided in your choices and advised on how to integrate the nutrition into your daily routine.

Once you have lost 70% of your target weight we gradually begin to introduce conventional foods back into your eating regime. As you progress through the nutrition programme, we reduce your intake of weight loss nutrition and replace it with conventional food in a very specific, controlled and structured way to allow your body to gradually adjust to the various food groups.

At your first appointment a therapist will explain the Alevere Therapy nutrition to you in detail and you will have plenty of time to ask questions and get the advice to help you succeed. As your health and success is our primary concern your progress will be monitored and recorded by a therapist each week. The therapist will also monitor your blood pressure and make other medical observations during your appointment.

You will be medically supervised throughout the programme with regular medical reviews and blood tests.

5 – Stabilisation

The gradual re-introduction of conventional foods combined with our ‘Alevere Therapy at Silverlink Clinics Lifetime Maintenance Plan’ allows us to work with you in the long term to ensure the weight you will lose is not re-gained as happens with many weight loss programmes. We believe this stabilisation is absolutely critical to your long term success.

Our commitment to you is that during the stabilisation stages of the programme there is no cost. You will continue to receive treatment and be provided with your prescribed nutrition on a weekly basis during the four week stabilisation period.

6 – Post Therapy Assessment

Following your successful completion of the stabilisation stage you will have a consultation with one of the therapists to review your journey and discuss your success.

Your final weight will be measured and a detailed body composition test carried out. You will be guided and supported in the creation of a sustainably nutrition plan which will give you the best chance of maintaining your new healthy weight.

7 – Maintenance Plan

The final, and we think the most important step in our unique Alevere Therapy at Silverlink Clinics programme is the ‘Alevere Therapy at Silverlink Clinics – Lifetime Maintenance Plan’. The Maintenance Plan provides for regular appointments with the team at the clinic on an ongoing basis for advice and support once you have achieved your weight loss target.

The team can help you plan meals using our specialist nutrition software and give you plenty or help and guidance to help you maintain your weight in the long term. There is no charge for our ‘Alevere Therapy at Silverlink Clinics – Lifetime Maintenance Plan’