Alevere Sucess Stories

Reproduced with kind permission from patients and alevere uk ltd

Jaoti 7st 4lbs 35 Weeks

Alison 1st 3lbs 4 Weeks

Peter 4st 11 Weeks

Ariane 4st 4lbs 22 Weeks

Joanne 3st 8lbs 12 Weeks

Susan 4st 4lbs 26 Weeks

Andrew 10st 24 Weeks

Simon 3st 5lbs 12 Weeks

Augustino 8st 6lbs 44 Weeks

Dawn 5st 1lbs 20 Weeks

Ian 8st 23 Weeks

Dena 8st 35 Weeks

Jo 4st 8lbs 21 Weeks

Joanne 4st 18 Weeks

Justin 3st 1lbs 15 Weeks

Karen 5st 1lb 20 Weeks